Recipient of the 2014 Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) Corporate Achievement Award
Recipient of the 2014 Miami-Dade Police Department Police Training Institute Training Award (Aviation)
Recipient of the 2015 Miami-Dade School Board Exemplary Dade Partner Award District Wide


Well over a decade ago on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group was established as an efficient and dedicated team of aviation professionals geared to serve and assist in the needs of the clients so as to assist them achieve their regulatory, technical, operational and productivity goals by applying a broad range of professional services in a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Attendents "Fleet Week 2009" in New York City

U.S. Navy Aegis-Class Cruiser, the U.S.S Vella Gulf CG-72 slides below the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, as she enters the New York City Harbor
70-210mm zoomed photograph taken from the 40th floor at 55 Water Street overlooking New York City harbor. Seen on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 are a CH-53E Super Stallion, AH-1 Cobra, UH1-Huey, SH-60B Sea Hawk and the new V-22 Tilt-Rotor "Osprey"

Taken from the 50th floor at 55 Water Street a prefect view of New York City Harbor showing the U.S.S . Bonhomme Richards LHD-6 being approached by harbor tugs to assist her to her berthing

Taken from the foot at Battery Park, lower Manhattan Island by the Clinton Fort, the U.S.S. Vella Gulf CG-72 is seen passing Liberty Island and the famed statue of Liberty

Brooklyn & Manhattan, New York 23rd-24th May 2009: As its called within the Navy in a bit of "shore leave / liberty" from Miami, the Founder and CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG), Benny F. Benitez returns to his hometown of New York City to take in the action of "Fleet Week" 2009 and to enjoy family, associates and good home Italian cooking back home in Brooklyn.
With a large portion of "Aviation Underwriters" based in New York City, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group takes full advantage during these much enjoyed visits back home to blend business with pleasure. Realizing that there is a good portion of "Aviation" contacts / business within lower Manhattan, the (94th ACG) is establishing an office in the popular and very cultural section of Brooklyn known as "Williamsburg" a mere 10 minutes by Subway to Wall Street and lower Manhattan. Soon, the (94th ACG) will be recruiting a team to maintain its presence in New York City.

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Supports Special Operations Project

Shown above is a Lockheed L-1011-500 completing its exterior paint job and final touch-up phase. This Lockheed L-1011 soldiers on as a "special project" platform and is one on many "Lockheed Products" serving in the defense and protection of U.S. National interest

No. 2 Engine infra-red sensor (IR) and jammer unit against surface to air (SAM) threat shown with red circle drawn around it for identification

No.1 Engine infra-red (IR) sensor and jamming unit similar installed unit located on the No.3 Engine position as well to protect from surface to air missile (SAM) threat

With tail number blanked out for security reason, aircraft " Hotel Zulu 01" as is known among the project members is shown having completed painting at an approved central U.S. aircraft facility

May 25-29th Location: CLASSIFIED: Under PHASE I of the classified Imminent Variable program, a certain U.S. Govt Defense Agency has completed a year of "proof of concept" testing and modifying a "leased" Lockheed L-1011-500 for use as a tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform.
Certain small details of the trails were first revealed to the public during an "UNCLASSIFIED" briefing at the expeditionary warfare exposition in Virginia, Beach, Virginia held back on 12th March by Captain Mark Mullins, a naval special warfare officer serving as deputy director of the US Navy Irregular Warfare Office at the Pentagon. Elements of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) were in attendance during the conference and are serving as the "link" between the DoD and the realm of commercial aviation concerning commercial aircraft leasing.
It is unclear as to where the subject aircraft will be utilized during the proof of concept phase, PHASE II, but by looking at the applied VIP paint scheme and by the symbol / logo applied onto the tail of the aircraft, the Middle Eastern region would be a good consideration.
Hotel-Zulu-1 "HZ-1" as the aircraft is known has been leased by a U.S. Government agency rather than purchased and the 94th ACG was instrumental during that phase of the project, as their knowledge and experience within the realm of aircraft leasing. With experience having been extrapolated whilst dealing with ITOCHU AirLease of Japan, GECAS, CIT and other world commercial aircraft leasing companies, the 94th ACG has proven to be an "asset" toward the project and their paying benefactors.
Within the Miami area folks are often heard asking members of the 94th ACG "now what is it that you guys do?" but before asking, one has to realize that the 94th ACG was stood up six years ago on the very same month and year in which the United States invaded Iraq and therefore escalated the "War On Terror". The common reply by the leadership and the members of the 94th ACG toward this query is "we are merely a boutique aviation consultant firm serving the Latin American aviation market", so they say.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Reviews AWAS Leasing Surinam Airways B737-300 "PZ-TCO"

On a rain soaked ramp outside of the F&E Maintenance hangar at Opa Locka Airport, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group reviews AWAS Leasing B737-300 being leased to Surinam Airways

Opa Locka, Florida 22nd May 2009: In their relentless effort to monitor, observe and report on all issues related to aviation for the benefit of their clients and group member's, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) has focused on the recent developments at Surinam Airways.
The (94th ACG) has learned that it appears that Surinam airways may retire their sole B747-300 "PZ-TCM" in the latter part of the year. The CF6-50E2 powered aircraft which came from and thus been maintained by KLM is fast approaching a scheduled heavy check. It appears that Surinam Airways has opted to replace their B747-300 with a possible Airbus 340-300 so as to conduct their flight from Surinam to Amsterdam, Holland.
In speaking to AIRLINERS Magazine of Miami in another first for the airline is the addition of a leased B737-300 from AWAS Leasing which will be utilized on the Surinam / Miami run. The B737-300, "PZ-TCO" sits at the Opa Locka Airport outside of F&E Maintenance undergoing scheduled maintenance and "Weight Reduction" With a range of approximately 1,874 nautical miles between Surinam and Miami and with the high gross weight range of 2,255 nautical miles for 147 passengers, the AWAS leased B737-300 according to Boeing has a reserve diversion range of about 381 nautical miles and therefore a drastic "Weight Reduction" is being done to PZ-TCO. The aircraft is equipped with a forward air stair which is being removed for weight saving, as well as other measures which are being implemented. Its anticipated that PZ-TCO will be delivered to Surinam Airways within two weeks for revenue service. We wish Surinam Airways safe success with their new fleet aircraft.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Visits The George T. Baker Aviation School of Miami-Dade

Newly added 1955 vintage Piper Apache tail number N1297P joins the George T. Baker maintenance fleet
George T.Baker School Principle Mr. Sean Gallagan hold parts fabricated by AutoCad and the school 3D mold generation machine
A functional Hydrogen Power Unit fabricated by George T. Baker students
Shown left to right:are George T. Baker students Juan Cruz and Christian Harris are shown with their fabricated Hydrogen Power Unit and Turbine Engine shown in the back, which they were part of the design and production team

Miami, Florida 21st May 2009: As a proponent and supporter of "Miami Aviation 305" the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) has called on the instructional staff at George T. Baker to assist and to add their expertise and instructional forte toward a project in which is being developed by the (94th ACG) so as to create and facilitate an aviation / familiarization safety standard course for the Self Defense Force of Panama for their rotary winged and general aviation aircraft's.
Through the Panamanian Embassy, the (94th ACG) has been tasked to provide the training. Recognizing the talent of the instructors at the George T. Baker school, the (94th ACG) is calling upon the school for instructional support. (94th ACG) Founder and CEO, Benny F. Benitez visited and met with the school principle and follow colleague, Mr. Sean Gallagan who took the opportunity to provide the visiting (94th ACG) team a first hand look at the school, its facilities and training equipment.
The (94th ACG) received a very impressive and informative tour of the school and found it more like visiting an airline maintenance base / MRO then a FAR-147 instructional facility, as the quality of the facilities, equipment and the experience of the staff was found to be first rate. This will be a developing story and future articles shall be published and posted.

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Celebrated Its Sixth Continous Year of Operational Status

Others who joined in the celebration and wished the "94th" God Speed for the next six years shown left to right are Ken Porter, President KP-Aircom, Konrad J. Walter, President Complete Turbine Services, LLC. and Alex Lallanilla, President of Chicago based Aero Direct
Celebrating with the "94th" Founder & CEO Benny F. Benitez (center) are Rosa Martinez of Phoenix Aviation Services of Phoenix, Arizona (right) and Diana Illrandi of Kellstrom Industries of Miramar, Florida
Miami Springs, Miami 20th May 2009: The time, May 2003, fuel was at US$34.65 A barrel, Saddam Hussein was still in power and the United States had just invaded and entered into the war in Iraq. The general public feared of what a possible long draw out war might do to the Nation, haunting images of a quagmire like Vietnam loomed in the public eyes and the Enron Corporation was binging to unravel, but among all of the worlds and finanical market uncertainties, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group was stood up and commissioned as fully operational on 20th May 2003.
Since then and still under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Benny F. Benitez, the "94th" as it has been coined and has become known within the Miami "Aviation 305" community has established a world wide presence and reputation.
Since establishment, the "94th" has deployed and operated for the benefit and the interest of its clientele in over eleven (11) countries. The "94th" as assisted the Miami-Dade District Attorneys Office to the Government of the United States. It has audited and inspected aircraft's ranging from a private Cessna 172 to the Presidential B737-500 "FAP-356" of the Government of Peru. From a single Piaggio P-180 Avant II project which became the first ever P-180 into the Country of India to an evaluation and inspection of an entire fleet of MD-90's at China Eastern Airlines. The "94th" has expanded its forgein linguistic capabilities for its world client and market dominance from Spanish to Portuguese, German, Chinese and Farsi!
It has expanded into the realm of finance by providing local banks, as well as the U.S. Government Export / Import (Ex Im) Bank technical assistance in the evaluations and appraisals of aviation commodities.
The "94th" has spearhead and continuous the charge and support toward many civic and community projects like the Greater Miami Aviation Association, The Miami Maintenance Management Council and The Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group, as well as other groups in Roswell, New Mexico and Atlanta Georgia. What is on the radar for the "94th" for next six years?
If the first six years was proof as to the relentless effort and the "you never give up" mindset, the next six years will hold bold and new accomplishments for the group!
Already, but a mere two days into the next six years, the "94th" is presenting a proposal to the Self Defense Force of Panama for aviation training and is seeking "Specific Threat Analyses Grants" from the Department of Homeland Security for certain projects. The "CAN DO" spirit live strong within and it shall propel the "94th" toward many more years of success and accomplishments "God Speed 94th".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Reports on a Special Modification of a Lockheed C-130A "EXCLUSIVE"

C-130A, N131EC shown on the ramp at Tamiami Regional Airport (KTMB) during the Summer of 2005. Operating from Tamiami whistle supporting a U.S. Govt. DoD project concerning the in flight launching and recovering of small drones over the Gulf of Mexico. Note the three bladed propellers a tail tale sign of the "A" model C-130
N131EC, shown in her USAF "Low Vis" paint scheme , which was applied in 2007 for the Hollywood movie 'American Gangster" as N131EC played a cameo role as a USAF C-130 of the Vietnam War period, as it brought back caskets of (KIA) servicemen
Miami, Florida 14th May 2009: Scan the skies and somewhere there will be one of many still active C-130 Hercules (or one of its more than 70 derivatives) in flight. No, it may not seem as enduringly beautiful as the Gulfstream IV. Nor is it fast as an F-22 Raptor. No, it may not appear as eerily intimidating as the F-117. To the non-discerning observer the C-130 Hercules or the "Herk" may seem no more than a flying eighteen wheeler truck.
Since early 2004, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group (94th ACG) has had the professional and personal pleasure of knowing and having worked with Mr. Earl Cherry of Cherry Aviation, the owners and operator of N131EC.
N131EC, a C-130A whose serial number is 3212, was manufactured in 1959, powered by Allison's T-56-A11A/B engines and delivered to the Australian Royal Air Force (RAAF) where it served the RAAF well. Being just about the only C-130A still operating in the United States under a restricted Part 91 certificate, N131EC soldiers on in support of many DARPA and U.S. Govt. DoD R&D projects. One such project is the high-lite of our exclusive.
In speaking to Mr. Cherry in an exclusive over the phone interview, the 94th ACG was advised that N131EC is to undergo a modifications where it will be fitted with drogue chute in-flight refueling pods under each wing. Now one may say what is so special about that, as the United States Marine Corp VMGR's Squadrons fly with KC-130's as aerial fuel tankers. The issue is that N131EC will be the "ONLY" C-130"A" ever to be fitted with this capability, as Lockheed commenced to sling drogue chute aerial refueling pods under the C-130 with the "E" model and up to the latest and current production "J" models of which the United States Marine Corp currently operates as KC-130J's.
Once fitted with this first ever capability for an "A" model C-130 so as to undertake the support of aerial refueling, N131EC, will be supporting UH-60 Black Hawks, CH-53's, CH-47's and the Boeing V-22 "Osprey" tilt rotor. That was as to the extent of the interview, as the nature of the interview changed to CLASSIFIED and we therefore respectfully terminated our interview.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Visits Boeing Alteon Flight Training Center Miami

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group founder and CEO Benny Benitez is briefed on the layout of the MD-11 cockpit simulator, period to an operational FAM session
Boeing MD-11 Simulator

Mr. Ron Infantino second from the right a surviving passenger of the 1972 Eastern Airline, Lockheed L-1011, Flight 401 crash briefs flight crews undergoing recurrent CRM training about the crash and his experience after the crash

Miami, Florida 5th May 2009: As both a prime supporter and honorary member of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group, coupled with their world experience concerning post crash investigation, aviation risk management and preventation are bringing a new vision to the realm of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training by speaking and lecturing to world airlines, aviation organizations and training facilities both civilian and military alike, both domestic and internationally on what started the industry concept of CRM, whistle, promoting and paying honor to the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group to those who perished in the 29th December 1972, L-1011 crash, and those who survived and those who lived and were forever effected by the lost of Flight 401.
The 94th ACG has been well received in the audience they have held with civilian and military organizations alike. They have been invited to speak at this years Airliners International event being held in Orlando in July.
Commencing June of this year, the 94th ACG along with the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group are to start working with a TV series production crew so as to create a documentary, production photographers and writers are being sent to Miami to work with the 94t ACG and the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Group as a preliminary target of December 2009 is the sight set to air the documentary so as to coincide with the thirty-seventh (37th) anniversary of the crash.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group with the Department of Homeland Security / United States Coast Guard

"Guardian 2114" being carefully towed into the hangar under the watchfull eye of the port wing safety spotter
U.S.C.G Dassault Falcon-20 HU-25A "Guardian" 2214 being towed into the hangar for scheduled maintenance and upkeep by the Air Station Technical Staff at Coast Guard Air Station Miami
Shown left to right: Benny F. Benitez, Founder & CEO 94th ACG, Reg. DoD Consultant, Catherine Smallwood, FAA Certified Flight Instructor and Captain Richard M. Kenin, Commanding Officer U.S. Coast Guard / Air Station Miami at Opa Locka Airport

Opa Locka, Florida 4th May 2009: In their never ending quest to promote and bring safety to the various areas of aviation, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group provided the United States Coast Guard, Air Station Miami with a summary presentation concerning the topic of Crew Resource Management, but not as to the concept of CRM, but from where it all started from. Tragically, CRM was a by product which came about from the lost of Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

Eastern Airlines Flight 401, a Lockheed L-1011, N310EA, crashed into the Florida Everglades on 29th December 1972 killing 101 passenger out of the 176 souls on board. The crash of Flight 401, the worlds first "Jumbo Jet Crash" was due as a result of poor Crew Resource Management. Elements of the 94th ACG held an audience with Captain Richard M. Kenin, the Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami. Captain Kenin was impressed and well informed as to what started the CRM training factor within the aviation community of which both civilian and military alike train and fully emphasize within their training syllabuses world wide. Captain Kenin a qualified EADS "Dauphin" Helicopter Pilot and Mission Commander fully appreciated and related to the fact as to how crucial the concept of CRM is to the mission, personnel and equipment.

Captain Kenin was impressed and appreciate the effort in which the 94th ACG has put forth in the operational and post crash records and historical research so as to clearly provide the aviation community as to what really happen based on established and recorded facts, which were harvested from the Eastern Airlines company archives of which the 94th ACG had exclusive access to. Captain Kenin invited the 94th ACG and the Eastern Airlines Flight 4o1 Tribute Group to give a series of lectures during the base scheduled Safety Stand down period in the latter half of the third quarter of 2009. This is a professional honor for the 94th ACG to support the training of United States Coast Guard aircrews and support the mission of the Department of Homeland Security.

In preparation, elements of the 94th ACG will be closely working with Lt. Dan Deutermann Air Station Miami Air Crew / Flight Safety Training Officer and his staff to prepare a class-A presentation. A special appreciation goes out to Petty Officer Jennifer Pick the Command Yeoman whos effort assisted in coordinating the 94th ACG visitation. Bravo Zulu to our Shipmate Petty Officer Pick U.S.C.G.