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Well over a decade ago on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group was established as an efficient and dedicated team of aviation professionals geared to serve and assist in the needs of the clients so as to assist them achieve their regulatory, technical, operational and productivity goals by applying a broad range of professional services in a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Kicks Off 2016 By Visiting Miami, Florida Based Atlantic Models

Siting with another wonderful creation by the pro's at Atlantic Models

The world famous Fairchild A-10 as produced by Mr. Gino one of the two master model makers at Atlantic Models

The details include an operational canopy, movable flight controls and spring action landing gears

Miami, Florida 14th January 2016: Marking our 13th operational year, we kicked off 2016 by visiting our friends at Atlantic Models.  We here at the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) like to call them the largest aircraft manufacture within the entire State of Florida, as they produce more aircraft on a daily basis than anyone else, but just on a smaller scale. Our visitation to Atlantic Models was to meet Mr. Roger Jarman as we were seeking his assistance to contact Southwest Airlines on a high corporate level for an idea of yet another aviation community project which we here at the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group are looking to launch this year.

The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Support The Colombian Air Force Fleet of Boeing 727 With Much Needed Pratt & Whitney JT8D Engine Tooling

The Colombian Air Force operates a fleet of about four Boeing 727-200 Advance series aircraft in the role of logistical and personnel support

Shown here is one of the components which makes up the Boeing 727 "Boot Strap Kit". The Boot Strap Kit allows the removal and installation of a Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine onto a 727

Shown here is Mr. M. Lopez of of the 94th ACG aviation equipment and tooling financial expert looking at the various pieces for an onsite quick opinionated appraisal of the equipment being presented to the 94th ACG for sale to their client

The complete complement of the entire Boeing 727, JT8D engine Boot Strap Kit in their various shipping creates presented for inspection and review so as to report to out clients

Shown with their wooden case are two dyno-meters used in the hoisting and lowering the engines

More of the Boot Strap Kit components which were laid out for our pre-buy inspection for the benefit of the our paying client

Miami, Florida 8th December 2015: With a global customer, client footprint covering five out of the seven continents, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) maintains a level of trust and expertise that is highly sort after by many within the world wide military aviation support sector. Such is the case with the (94th ACG) last official operational tasking for 2015 in supporting the Colombian Air Force by professionally advising and recommending in the sourcing and pre-buy inspection of a complete Boeing 727, Pratt and Whitney, JT8D engine boot strap kit. The complete set was located and sourced from yet another of the (94th ACG) established  client known as Bischoff Aerospace. Ironically enough, Bischoff Aerospace is one of the first Miami, Florida based Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair stations that the (94th ACG) had a major hand and influence in establishing as a properly certified (FAA) engine repair shop within the Miami Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) community.