Recipient of the 2014 Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) Corporate Achievement Award
Recipient of the 2014 Miami-Dade Police Department Police Training Institute Training Award (Aviation)
Recipient of the 2015 Miami-Dade School Board Exemplary Dade Partner Award District Wide


Well over a decade ago on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group was established as an efficient and dedicated team of aviation professionals geared to serve and assist in the needs of the clients so as to assist them achieve their regulatory, technical, operational and productivity goals by applying a broad range of professional services in a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group in Joint Efforts with the Federal Aviation Reserve, Has Formulated A Project & Assembled An A-Team To Bring U.A.V's To George T. Baker Aviation School Students

Being shown from right to left is the newly established Miami UAV Team that Benny Benitez, the Founder and CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group has assembled. Shown are Mr. Joe Martinez, the Founder and CEO of West Palm Beach, Florida based Armatech Group as accompany by their CFO, Ms. Cherie Garrison sitting next to Dr. Sean Gallagan, Principle of the George T Baker Aviation School. Also present at the UAV kick off meeting by Dr. Gallagen invite was Mrs. Pamela J. Johnson, District Supervisor, Miami-Dade School Operations-Adult Education
Shown are a few of Benny's hand picked members so as to fill the ranks of what is being dubbed the "Miami UAV Group" Shown from left to right are Mr. Guillermo Cueto a Executive level expert concerning National Security issues, Mr. Alex Munoz and Mr. Jimmy Perez the principles of Mach-One Aviation Services who shall facilitate all related and required liaising with the FAA on a local, region and if need be a Washington D.C. / Headquarters level during the development toward the project
Shown conversing with Mr. Cueto the project national security group expert is Mr. Codi Diamond, the group flight department leader. Codi is an FAA license and rated commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI pilot who has experience flying the Cessna Citation I jet and the Pilatus PC-12 turbo-prop aircraft. Codi also serves as the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group corporate pilot and is currently studying for his Law degree and to specialize in aviation litigation and contracts
Leading the effort and flanked by top notch personnel is Benny Benitez who vision to bring Armatech creative design capabilities and well founded experience with radio control aircraft designs and real world, high risk experience within the Middle East as led by its founder Mr.Joe Martinez.
Shown from left to right is Mrs. Maria Peterson and U.S. Naval Aviator, Commander Larry Harvey, USN (Ret.) representing the Center for Advance Aerospace Platforms and Applications (CAAPA) and a key team members concerning their experience within the U.A.V industry and their advocacy abilities. Shown next to Commander Harvey is Mrs. Pamela Johnson of  the Miami-Dade School District 
Position by the School Boeing 737-200, N205AU are Guillermo Cueto, Dr. Sean Gallagan and Benny Benitez who's efforts, contacts and relentless organization resulted in the school having their first fully operational, commercial aircraft beneficial for the students
The CGS Hawk ultra light, which shall be provided to the school on behave of Armtech, Corp. on a long term loan and shall serve the proof of concept / demonstrator platform for the project.
The group in full focus as Commander Harvey speaks in detail about the many applications that the CGS Hawk could serve as a demonstrator UAV aircraft
Show from left to right is Mr. Alex Munoz one of the principle of Mach One Aviation Services and Mr. Joe Martinez of Armatech. Having managed production teams within Northrope / Grumman on the USAF B-2 program, Alex is no stranger to complex projects. Joe real world operational experience within the Middle East are true and time tested and a force multiplier to the team
Engaged in a conversation concerning U.A.V implementation on a global scale is Mach One Aviation Service second principle, Mr. Jimmy Perez as he speaks with Mrs. Maria Peterson from the Center for Advance Aerospace Platforms and Applications (CAAPA)
Shown all in one photograph is the entire Miami UAV Team who will usher in the concept, awareness and creation of Miami-Dade first ever locally constructed and operated Unmanned Air Vehicle within the whole of South Florida to be created by the students at George T. Baker, truly a cutting edge project

Miami, Florida 18th September 2013: Earth is becoming a drone planet. By 2020 some experts predict that as many as 20,000 drones could patrol our skies. We will farm with drones, conduct scientific research with drones, engineer with drones, sell real estate with drones, flight fires with drones, and do just about anything else that could benefit from an eye in the sky.
with that said and under the visionary approach of Benny F. Benitez, Founder and CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG), drones are coming to Miami, Florida. In a first, one of kind project the (94th ACG) has assembled a hand picked team of aviation professionals to create what is being dubbed the Miami UAV Team. The mission, to bring Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) awareness and exposure to the students of the George T. Baker Aviation School. The core of the project is centered with West Palm Beach based ArmaTech, Corporation, which is led by Mr. Joe Martinez and Ms. Cherie Garrison who are providing the school with a CGS Hawk ultra-light, which shall serve as the project demonstrator, proof of concept aircraft. The ultra-light shall be assembled by the school, test flown with a pilot for airworthiness than a series of test flights both manned and unmanned shall develop the CGS Hawk ultra-light into Miami first home made UAV.
Coupled into this undertaking is the Florida based Center for Advance Aerospace Platforms and Application (CAAPA) under the direction of Larry Harvey, U.S. Navy Commander (Ret.) and Mrs. Maria Peterson. Local FAA regulatory consultant firm known as Mach One Aviation Services, Inc. is another force multiplier within the project. Talents in flight training and national security are also issues being factored into the equation with the presence of Mr. Codi Diamond, team, FAA certified commercially rated pilot and flight instructor. The very nature of  U.A.Vs playing vital day to day role in the defense of our Nation and upon the request of Benny an expert within the executive level of National Security, Mr. Guillermo Cueto has been enlisted to lead and advise as needed within his area of expertise and contacts as the project process.
The newly assembled Miami U.A.V Team is bringing the future of aviation to Miami, Florida. Future project posting and development updates shall follow.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Reports on the George T. Baker USCG HU-16 Nose Section Restoration Project Roll Out

After a total of eight months within the School paint bay, the nose section of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross finally sees the light of day as its rolled out in its new, dazzling and amazing United States Coast Guard, 1960 era color scheme of Coast Guard operational aircraft's
The HU-16 nose section looks factory new and museum quality all do to the results and efforts of the George T. Baker Aviation Schools students who were led and supervised by the School corp of dedicated and professional instructors like Mr. Alan Munoz and Mr. Rick Flores
Saved from the scrappers torch at Opa Locka Airport by Captain. Roberto Gomez from the Miami Sea Plan Base (X-44) and the vision that Benny Benitez, the Founder and CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group had along with the dedication of the School, as well as with the technical and material support from the Coast Guard Air Station at Opa Locka, the combined effort resulted in this amazing piece 
The last part of the external / exterior cosmetic restoration, the installation of the "Snoopy" type nose radome being installed by the Students. The nose tip radome unit was removed for restoration and to accommodate the tight quarters within the School paint bay during the restoration period
The full effect of an amazing restoration effort as the final attachment screws to the radome unit are installed and checked for their secured placement. In the light of the day sunshine one could see the gleam of the double coat of clear top which was applied to protect against the harsh and relentless South Florida sun  
From this vantage point one could notice the nose gear landing gear doors missing and still require to be fitted onto the aircraft. The illusion of a complete HU-16 is almost self evident as it appears
An archived photo researched by Benny Benitez of aircraft # 1267 shows as she looked like back in the late 1960's when stationed in Oregon. It should be noted that the nose section restored by the School is NOT that of the actual 1267 aircraft, but a side number selected by the Students and thus applied

Miami, Florida 6th September, 2013: Yet another fine example of the local Miami aviation industry working in joint effort with the school concerning the preservation of naval aviation history, which years ago was prevalent in Miami. The vision that Benny Benitez, Founder & CEO of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) had back in December 2012 and with the combined effort and dedication by all concern as mentioned above withing the picture captions has culminated into a wonder and motivating experience for the students of the George T Baker Aviation School.
Currently, Benny is directly working with his contacts within the United States Coast Guard (USCG) 7th District Chief of Staff here in Miami to organize an official USCG dedication ceremony to give the students and their instructors their well deserved "That A Boy" for a tremendous, museum quality restoration and preservation.  Plans are being made to temporary display the HU-16 nose section out in front of the George T. Baker School on Le June avenue along side the Douglas A-4 aircraft, another Naval Aviation aircraft at the school.
The final display place for the HU-16 would be down at the Miami Sea Plane base, X-44 located next to the Miami Children Museum. 

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Supports A New Miami Based FAR-145 Operation & Calls Upon The George T. Baker Aviation School For Technical Support

Shown from left to right is Benny Benitez founder of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group with Dr. Sean Gallagan, Principle of the George T. Baker Aviation School and Mr. Jack Tannir Founder and CEO of Global Turbine Services, Inc. a new and soon pending FAR-145 operator here in Miami. Shown meeting at Dr. Gallagan office to discuss as to how the George T. Baker Aviation School could assist the local aviation industry by the temporary / short term loan of a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-20 engine
Known as the "Facilitator", "The Fixer", "The Go To Guy" or "Our Guy In Miami" Benny Benitez a long time and avid supporter of the George T. Baker Aviation School has placed a twisted in his constant assistance toward the school in as now the School is being tapped in assisting a new, upstart, soon to be certified FAA, FAR-145 Repair Station, which is being stood by Mach One Aviation Services. Shown above are Dr. Sean Gallagan and Mr. Jack Tannir discussing details toward the lending of PT6A-20 engine. 
The Pratt and Whitney PT6A-20 engine is being loaned to Global Turbine Services, Inc. so as to assist and facilitate in their initial training of the engine type so as to comply with applicable and required FAA training in placing the engine model onto the Global Turbine Services, Inc. initial capability rating
Hoisted safely on board a transporter, the engine is being graciously and generously loaned for 30 day period by the George T. Baker Aviation School so as to support a new and upcoming FAR-145. In the manner in which Mach One Aviation Services invokes the issues of addressing safety and protocol, the loaner engine was accepted via the utilization of all proper and applicable paperwork and in accordance with the shop general manual when inducting any new tool or equipment into the shop
Placed and secured safely on board the transporter, the engine is ready to ship out onto Global Turbine Services Inc. shop for a short period of 30 days and thus becoming a value-added asset in assisting the shop in its endeavors toward obtaining their final FAA certification as Miami next and newest FAR-145 rated maintenance shop specializing in JT3D's, JT8D's and PT6's. Shown next to Mr. Jack Tannir is Mr. Jimmy Perez one of the principles of Mach One Aviation Services and Mr. Alex Munoz (not shown)
With the engine shown fully wrapped up in the background, Mr. Jack Tannir is shown speaking to Dr. Gallagan about his wiliness to show his personal and professional appreciation toward the School for their assistance and wiliness to support him and the local industry in supporting the School by any means possible or as Jack jokingly said to Dr. Gallagan "What Ever Benny Tells Me to Do". Truly an excellent example of professional cooperation within Miami diverse and constantly growing aviation industry

Miami, Florida 6th September 2013: Within their decade long operational period here in Miami since 2003, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Benny Benitez has instituted, organized and led the charge on many great projects that not only has had economical and commercial benefit for his organization and that of his partnering allied companies within "The Group", but has established many great community oriented projects and efforts that has benefited the likes of the local Cuban Community as with the Cuban An-2 Aircraft / Art Project in 2004, the establishment of a Summer Intern, paid job program for Baker Students at the Miami Sea Plane base during the Summer of 2010, the addition of obtaining a fully operational (engines included) Boeing 737-200 aircraft for the school in 2011 and the most recent U.S. Coast Guard HU-16 nose restoration project and a host of others smaller projects. 
But this time Benny and the (94th ACG) have changed the game board on behave of their friend and professional colleague, Mr. Jack Tannir who came to the school asking for their assistance. The assistance consists of the lending of a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-20 for a period of 30 days, so as to assist Mr. Tannir in the initial PT6A training toward obtaining his FAR-145 rating, so as to include the PT6A onto Global Turbine Services, Inc. operational specification (i.e.Ops Specs).
A hardy thank you to the George T. Baker School for their wiliness to assist as required and doing their part in standing up another FAA FAR-145 repair station here in Miami for the benefit of the local market.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Reports On An Upsatart, Opa Locka, Florida Based, FAR-135 Cargo Operation to Operate Former U.S. Navy Convair C-131B's / CV-240's

Originally obtained from the Davis Monthan Air Force Base storage inventory, this Convair CV-240 / U.S. Navy C-131 sits quietly and beautifully re-conditioned on the ramp at Opa Locka (KOPF) airport
The aircraft was originally manufactured for the U.S. Navy and designated as C-131 "Samaritan". It flew for Navy "VR" Squadrons tasked with logistical / transport duties. The model also operated with the United States Coast Guard designated at the HC-131A and the United Stated Air Force called it the C-131B / T-29 when it served as a in-flight trainer aircraft for navigator students
The Convair CV-240 / C-131 is powered by two, overhauled Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp redial engines 
The CV-240 / C-131 was delivered to the U.S. Navy with factory installed rear / starboard side cargo door which helped facilitate the on load and on load of palatalize cargo 
The two Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp were totally overhauled and perform flawlessly 
The aircraft received and entire, full fuselage paint job that is nothing short of top delivery Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) quality. The overall white top and lower battleship gray lends to the aircraft prior military service. In reviewing the aircraft one can not help to call to mind the paint scheme of the Lockheed UP-3 Orion that once served as personnel shuttle / logistic aircraft at the former 
Naval Air Station Kefllavik (NAS Kef)  
The U.S. Navy C-131 in its active duty service colors. The aircraft was originally designated by the U.S. Navy as the "R4Y" until 1962 when it then was known as the C-131. The C-131 flew for the USAF until 1970. The USCG retired the aircraft in 1983 odldle enough at Opa Locka airport and finally the U.S. Naval Air Reserve retied the model in 1989 along with the Grumman C-1 thus ending the long and established the U.S. Navy aircraft radial engine operational history

Opa Locka, Florida 5th September 2013: Like a good solider a good plane never dies, it just fades away and the CV-240 / C-131 is still shinning brilliantly in its continued commercial service years after its creation and retirement from its original operators, hence the U.S. Navy, U.S Coast Guard, the U.S. Air Force and the Paraguayan Air Force.
The Convair C-131 Samaritan was produced from 1954 to 1956 by Convair. It is the military version of the Convair CV-240. From the group who brought us the brilliant restoration of the Eastern Airlines DC-7B, N836D under the technical leadership and expertise of Mr Carlos Gomez which operated with the Historical Flight Foundation has once again applied their outstanding skills in bringing this CV-240 / C-131 back to life.
Originally plucked out from of the Davis Monthan Air Force Base inventory of desert stored and preserved aircraft's as part of a four aircraft deal, this aircraft yet to receive an official FAA tail number is a testimony to the saying "if there is a will, there is a way". This aircraft is the first of three more to hopefully come on line and of which shall be enlisted to fly 13,500 lbs of commercial cargo to and from Opa Locka (KOPF) to the surrounding market consisting of the Caribbean Islands within the operational reach of the aircraft and with sights thus set on one particular Caribbean Island.
Keep posted to this story on our blog, as we shall provide continued updates and shall be creating new, additional and future "You Tube" segments concerning this aircraft and the project so as to be aired on "You Tube' under the Channel of "BennyTheJett1"

Monday, September 2, 2013

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Flight Department Personnel Continue To Train And Expand So As To Better Service And Provide Our Clients

One of 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group commercially rated, flight instructor-CFI, CFII, MEI rated Pilot Codi Diamond sits in the right seat of a Boeing 767-200 flight simulator during annual, required training period sessions in preparation for an upcoming international, Boeing 767 related consulting project
94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Founder & CEO Benny F. Benitez gets check out on Boeing 767-200ER applicable APU and ground start procedures under the tutelage of Codi Diamond who is one of the two primary company / corporate pilots. The other aircrewman is Catherine Smallwood who is also an experienced, airline rated, CFI, CFII, MEI team member of the 94th ACG Unit.
Training and repeated training is one of the core missions imposed by the leadership at the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group, as we could only best service our clients by rendering onto them the experience and knowledge that the group harnesses and cohesively possesses and could render in added value solutions toward the client needs and requirements.

Miami, Florida 30th August 2013: The business philosophy of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) ever since the unit was stood up in early 2003 was and still is to this day ten years later evident in their motto of "the sole commodity that we render onto our client is solutions". 
For the unit to have achieve this unprecedented level of client service it all roles back to the simple saying of training, training and training in every and any aspect that the 94th ACG may find itself in toward rendering viable, economically feasible and formidable operational and business solutions toward the needs of their global clients. Constant flight training for its aircrew member is one if not the biggest variable for the unit to maintain. From Cessna 172's to Boeing 767 to even Lockheed C-130's, professionally knowing a platform, a system, a regulation or a format is the sole means to enabling the rendering of valid and viable solutions. 
Safety, Training and Profit (STP) are the goals which we bring to our clients.
94th ACG The Name You Know, The Source They Trust

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group Continues To Report On the George T.Baker Aviation School USCG HU-16 Project

The almost finished HU-16 nose section just needs the "Snoopy' type nose radome unit to be attached. It was removed for painting and due to the tight quarters within the paint bay
Shown from left to right is George T. Baker Aviation School Instructor Mr. Rick Flores who along with his colleague Mr. Allan Munoz led the effort. Continued is Dr. Sean Gallagan, Principle, Captain Roberto Gomez, Operation Manager of Miami Sea Plane base and Benny F. Benitez Founder of the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group and the creator of the USCG HU-16 project
The last item required is the application of two coats of clear finished to protect the paint scheme when exposed to the elements once its rolled out and displayed.  Initially the nose section will be displayed outside of the George T. Baker Aviation School and eventually at the Miami Sea Plane Base, X-44 
The nose section has been measure to be placed onto a boat tow trailer so as to be moved out from the school paint bay and placed for outdoor display and eventually to be towed out to the Miami Sea Plane Base in the near future

Miami, Florida 28th August 2013: Its been almost seven month since the students at the George T. Baker School under the technical guidance of their school instructors Mr. Allan Munoz and Mr. Rick Flores have led a tremendous effort which is visibly evident in the museum quality, exterior restoration of the Grumman Albatross, HU-16 nose section. The project is to be rolled out from the school paint bay as soon as the double coat of clear finish is applied to the hull so as to protect the paint job from the elements. 
Initially, the the restored nose section was slated to be transferred directly to the Miami Sea Plane Base, X-44, but do to the on going Port of Miami tunnel project and pending demolition and construction at the base, the nose section will be now be temporarily displayed out front of the George T. Baker School along the McDonnell Douglas A-4 sky hawk. As of the 28th August plans were being made to secure a 20ft long boat trailer to remove the nose out from the school paint bay. We shall report and post further articles on the project process.