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Well over a decade ago on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight, the 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group was established as an efficient and dedicated team of aviation professionals geared to serve and assist in the needs of the clients so as to assist them achieve their regulatory, technical, operational and productivity goals by applying a broad range of professional services in a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consulting Group Plays Yet Another Silent, Behind The Scene Roll In The Influence Of Another, The Newest FAA, FAR-145 Shop In Miami, Florida Known As AeroMach Parts and Services

Aero Mach Parts and Services the newest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) rated FAR-145 to be established in Miami, Florida 

Aero Mach Parts and Services has been established as "Wheel and Brake" repair and overhaul facility so as to address the needs of Boeing 737 (all series) operators as well as Embraer ERJ-170, 175, 190's and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 -20's and -30 series aircraft's

The level of quality is evident from the start as all shop required tooling and equipment are newly purchased and brand new to commence shop service as required to meet all FAA safety and quality guidelines and requirements 

Shown is the shop brand new sand blasting unit next to the oven both essential tooling and equipment required to have so as to undertake the needs of repairing and overhauling commercial, transport aircraft's wheels and brakes units of global clients

Miami, Florida 20th April 2017: Maintenance Manual Chapter ATA-32 "Landing Gears" to include wheels and brakes has just added another Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved shop here within Miami, Florida. Aero Mach Parts and Services which was originally FAA certified last year, August 2016 had to do the certification process all over again as they decided to move from their original location which was situated around the Tamiami Airport area within the Southwest sector of Miami-Dade to a facility much larger and much closer to Miami International Airport, closer to the world famous Miami 36th Street.
The shop is owned and operated by Silvia Gutierrez one of the very few, professional women in an all male dominated world of FAA approved, FAR-145 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business. Aero Mach Parts and Services, Inc. is certified to repair and overhaul wheels and brakes for all series of the Boeing 737's, the Embraer ERJ-170, 175 and 190 regional aircraft's as well as the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-20 and -30 series aircraft's. The 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group (94th ACG) was the key element who advised Mrs. Gutierrez of Aero Mach Aviation Services, an FAA regulatory, consultancy group who in the past were subcontracted by the 94th ACG to launch and established other Miami, Florida based FAR-145 shops like their first one ever being Bischoff Aerospace an FAA approved (JT8D, RB211 & V2500) commercial jet engine repair and overhaul facility. Through the tutelage and advisement of the 94th ACG, Mrs. Gutierrez has achieved her professional business goal, as the 94th ACG is to continue advising Aero Mach Parts and Services so as to establish their initial book of business and to obtain initial domestic and international market exposure and presence. 

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